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The Smart Home: What You Need to Know

It has taken a few years, though smart home systems have finally gained acceptance as a very desirable feature to integrate into a home of any size, shape, or style. It does not matter if you l...

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Why a Smart Home Needs a Strong Wiring Backbone

Wireless connectivity is faster than ever, but your home still needs a solid network of wiring for higher bandwidth, better Internet security, and a host of other benefits. In a world that increasingl...

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5 Tips for Implementing Home Technology Systems

In a recent conversation with a very experienced builder, it was clear that he and many builders are looking for direction on the best way to have a home’s technology systems installed. He admitted it...

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Installing the Right Wiring Solutions Make a Home “Future Ready”

While wiring is crucial to managing the technologies of today, it becomes even more important when we look to the future. The strain on wireless networks will only get worse. A new forecast from Inter...

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Why an Enterprise-Grade Network is a MUST in every Luxury Home

The world we live in today has become increasingly connected. Not long ago, most people only had a desktop computer and maybe, a laptop computer that needed access to the Internet or maybe a network-c...

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5 Steps to a Better Outdoor Entertainment Space

A study by the American Institute of Architects showed that as homeowners look to make improvements, outdoor living spaces top the list. To create an outdoor space that you will use, even more, techno...

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