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With a proven track record of over 20 years, the highly qualified team at Interseckt designs, installs, and services residential and commercial technology and audiovisual systems.

About Us

We combine technologies with common sense to provide users an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Whether for work or play, our approach is the same; listen to your needs, provide you with the right solution, and offer ongoing support.

With the experience and insight needed to strategically design, implement and maintain a myriad of solutions, we can take every project from concept to completion and beyond, with a tailored plan that especially suits your individual needs. We take pride in the strength and quality of our client relations and are proud to serve them at every stage of their projects.

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Why Interseckt

Unmatched Service

By closely listening to our clients and their specific goals, we can craft short and long-term programs that distinctly address their needs. Our industry-leading support sets us apart in Miami, as we build long-lasting relationships with customers, who as a result trust us with a variety of needs for years to come.

Full Collaboration

Using effective project management tools, we can provide your team with open and dynamic collaboration channels, to provide clarity, transparency, and efficiency to each project. Stay on budget and in the loop with your technology integration project every step of the way. Every project is unique, but our proven methods provide the needed fluidity, stability, and clarity in your project's workflow.

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