What is Josh?

Josh.ai is a luxury home automation platform that offers advanced voice control, a customizable touch interface, beautiful apps and deep integrations with professionally installed smart home devices. The hardware, Josh Micro, includes the full processor, a far-field microphone array, and touch capabilities. Every aspect of Josh, from the industrial design and software to marketing and brand, is designed to deliver a premium look and feel.


Natural Voice Commands

Josh is the only control system with a voice assistant purpose-built for home control. There’s no need to memorize commands with Josh. Instead, devices have capabilities and locations, enabling natural commands such as “bring up the shades,” “cut the lights,” “dim the lights in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom,” or even compound commands like “bring up the shades, drop the music, set the lights to 20%, and watch Stranger Things.” Further, Josh Micro is room aware, so saying “lights on” or “watch skiing videos” will only happen locally, reducing the need to memorize room and device names.


The App – Control your home from anywhere

Designed specifically for luxury homes, the Josh app brings together all of your connected devices onto one intuitive interface that works by touch, text, voice, or “smart recommendations.” Josh can also proactively suggest actions for you, by learning and understanding living patterns. The Josh app is designed to be simple to use, quick to load, easy to switch between multiple households, and customizable for the end-user.


Privacy and data security

Rest assured that conversations remain private. Unlike other large tech companies, Josh is not in the business of selling ads or marketing other products, so data is used exclusively for improving the user experience. Most of the processing is done locally, avoiding the cloud whenever necessary. When the wake word “Okay Josh” is spoken, only then will Josh start listening. Once awake, Josh Micro will only listen for up to 15 seconds, and you will always know Josh is listening because the LEDs are lit. Josh also offers the ultimate in voice control privacy. All-natural language processing (NLP) is done locally, and you can easily delete individual commands or the entire chat history. Additionally, you can disable “AI Learning,” which will prevent Josh from storing any commands.