Help keep your employees safe.


We offer numerous technology solutions to measure and monitor density of people in your workplace without violating their privacy.  Sensors accurately and anonymously measure the number of people in conference rooms and gathering areas to better understand how these spaces are used.  Unlike cameras, sensors generate accurate counts without privacy concerns and personally identifiable information.


Another solution enables contact tracing within the workplace.  Employees wear devices which remind them to keep a safe distance and register direct contact exposure.  All the information is reported to a dashboard where in the event of a symptomatic employee, administrators can quickly locate other exposed team embers who might be at risk.  The sensors are small, can be charged wirelessly (a full charge lasts about one week), and vibrate and blink to notify the wearer.  Devices are self contained and easy to deploy.


Other wearable sensors can also safeguard employee safety by monitoring the work they do.  This is particularly useful in construction sites and warehouses.


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