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Come Home to Comfort, Tech and Style

Today's cars are so smart, they know when you are approaching and light up, unlock themselves, and instantly adjust to your preferences; from sitting position, temperature to even your favorite music. Some can even turn themselves on, keep you safe by alerting and avoiding road hazards, and even send remote notifications for help when something is not right.

Wouldn't it be nice to bring that same functionality into your home? Ask yourself the following:

How many lights do you have to turn off before going to bed?

Do you wonder at times if you turned off lights, closed drapes, or adjusted thermostats as you were leaving the house?

Does your Wi-Fi cover the entire house reliably?

Do you worry about giving access to your private network to guests?

How many remotes do you have to mess with just to watch TV?

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Home Theater

Transform your Entertainment Experience

For some, movies are a window to a different world; an opportunity to see and hear new things, stirring their imagination and broadening their perspectives. At Interseckt we are not content with just looking thru the window, we want to step into that world and become immersed in the experience, escaping reality and discovering new wonders in the process.

Whether you would like to simply upgrade your family room with surround sound and an 8K display or create your very own movie palace, Interseckt can create a home theater system that transcends the cinema experience, making it more personal, more accessible, and more fun. An Interseckt-designed home theater system will provide you with breathtaking life-like images and a sound so immersive that you will actually feel it; from the roaring car chases and thundering clouds to the faintest whispers and creaking of doors.

Made for you

From a single TV unit to building an entire room, we have the expertise, product variety, and support to create a media and entertainment system that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you'd like to install and test your new devices or leave it all to the pros, our staff can take care of every step from video image size, audio performance, lighting, and interior design to room build-out and installation.

Get started by contacting one of our representatives to make your dreamscape experience a reality.

Take your adventures outdoors

Why not take your entertainment experience to the outdoors? From giant outdoor displays with weatherproof sound to motorized louvered pergolas to protect from the elements. Make your next movie night or sporting event an outdoor and memorable one.

Maintenance and Support

In need of upgrading or service for your existing home theater or cinema setup? Trust our team of experts to diagnose, correct, and repair any component of your entertainment space, or to provide strategic, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that will - in turn - increase your entertainment.

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Home Automation

High-end solutions for intelligent homes

Interseckt's knowledgeable team possesses the design and technical expertise to make your home living a more convenient and comfortable one with a touch of luxury and discernment. All this convenience and simplicity on the outside contrasts greatly with the interior complexities that make them work. Our team at Interseckt is committed to keeping things simple for your enjoyment but functional and reliable at the same time.

We excel at combining technology with an impeccable eye for design; our solutions completely integrate and complement your living space making them virtually indistinguishable; you might not see them but you will most certainly experience them. Our proven process combined with our years of experience guarantees you the finest solution possible. Whether you are building your dream home or just simply making improvements on your current one, we would be thrilled to assist you in your endeavors. We take pride in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and support them with their changing needs.

Whole-Home audio

Imagine having music in every room of your home with just the touch of a button. With our multi-source, multi-zone sound, you can enjoy the music that you love throughout the entire house or just in the room you choose. Audio distribution lets you relax while listening to your music collection and enjoy the ease and accessibility of the touch panel and remote control. Home-wide audio provides access to all of your music whether it is owned (iTunes, iPod, etc.), streaming (Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.), XM/Sirius, AM/FM, or recorded. Control for each zone via in-wall control panels, tablets, or smartphones affords the ability to control song selection, source selection, and volume in each zone independently.

Lighting Solutions

Intelligent lighting can improve energy efficiency by automatically adapting to your schedule, help increase productivity, set the correct mood for any moment of the day, and even help improve your health. Transform every inch of your home with custom lighting solutions that enhance your experience, but also increase the long-term value of your property. A new 'must' for luxury homes, lighting automation has become an indispensable element for discerning real estate clients. Create different lighting scenes or multi-room lighting levels at the touch of a button. Save money and energy with programmable lighting automation, and control holiday and landscape lighting. If you're traveling or coming home late, you can adjust the controls to simulate your daily lifestyle schedule.

Smart shades

To complement your lighting system, control the quantity and quality of natural light with automated, fully customizable shade and window treatment solutions. Design to fuse style and function, we work with leading brands to help our clients create unforgettable settings and enhance the architectural and interior design features of their homes. Motorized and automatic window treatments operate with quiet precision and are available in an endless variety of colors and fabrics to complement your home's décor. Use drapes, shades, or screens to add privacy and shade to any room, or schedule to open and close based on the time of day. Automated drapes and screens are also perfect for hard-to-reach windows or to protect furniture from the sun's UV damage.

Climate control

Sophisticated, integrated climate control provides total indoor comfort. With pre-set temperature points and zoned areas, your home's temperature and humidity level are monitored automatically. You can even adjust your home's climate controls while you're out and help keep your home at a more energy-efficient temperature. We are experts in lighting and energy management, so you can better manage the costs of home lights and heating and cooling systems. Interseckt's home automation system can save substantially on energy costs by controlling lights and HVAC systems, turning them off in rooms that are not in use, and controlling them remotely when you're not even home.

Managed wif-fi

Our Remote Managed Wi-Fi Solutions allow you to get professional, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for your home office is ideal for online homeschooling, and provides smooth entertainment streaming. By placing the focus on your activities, we can customize your connectivity structure to integrate effortlessly into your life. Experience a fully connected home, without worrying about speed requirements and the number of devices connected.

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Access Control

By implementing reliable home surveillance, security, and access control systems, you can protect your loved ones, guests, and property. Ask about our intelligent doorbells, remote access solutions, and integrated systems to protect the entry points of your home (or place of business). Our security solutions are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience. All installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in both fire and security.


Security cameras, monitors voice intercoms and motion sensors can go a long way to ensuring peace of home. Integrating a security system with the home's other features can make a home safer and more secure from fire or break-ins. With a fully automated safety and security system, the smoke detector sounds the alarm, the lighting system triggers a pre-set fire mode, and emergency lights illuminate a path from the bedrooms to the nearest safe exit.

home office solutions

Tools and Technology For Your Best Work

Transform your home office, with intelligent design and customizable settings. Add stylish finishes and interactive features to create a one-of-a-kind home office that perfectly suits your style. With beautiful design options, white-glove delivery, and support, you will love working with us to craft a space that inspires your best work and promotes productivity.

Hardware and Software Support

Our knowledgeable professionals have experience with a wide range of computer technologies, and we offer comprehensive computer and software sales from the best brands. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, Apple Consultant, and IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and HP Business Partners.

Data storage + backup

Interseckt's powerful, secure, and customizable data backup and recovery services enable you to protect your important home computer files. Whether it's family photos, home finance files or business applications and documents, we can develop a solution to ensure that data is secure in the event of power or hard drive failure.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Create a scalable, reliable, and efficient wireless system for your home office, with the help of our IT experts. Conduct smooth virtual conferences, enjoy reliable data management and transfer, and work seamlessly with your team or clients, thanks to powerful connections that are designed to grow with you. For more robust requirements, ask about other data security and IT Solutions for Commercial Clients.

Audio Visual Solutions

Create the perfect ambiance and do your best work with our variety of screens, projectors, speakers, monitors, wireless connectivity devices, and more. Whatever your need is, we can supply a holistic solution that meets the needs of your team, your clients, and your other shareholders.


Interseckt partners with some of the most sophisticated contract furniture brands in the industry, to provide stylish desks, ergonomic furniture, and the perfect fixtures for any space in your home. With a constant increase in home-based businesses and remote work more in demand than ever, we have the expertise, product variety, and stylish finishes to cater to even the most meticulous professionals.

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Outdoor Solutions

take the fun outdoors

Create comfortable environments while enjoying the outdoor spaces. From game night parties to poolside lounging, discover efficient and high-quality solutions for all your hosting needs. Weather-proof, stylish, and durable, all our products are designed and installed to provide a fabulous outdoor experience.

Patio / Poolside Entertaining

Great audiovisual solutions are not limited to your home's indoor space. With high-quality products and solutions specifically designed for outdoor use, you can extend your audiovisual coverage to the exterior spaces of your home to enjoy the big game, al fresco dinners, poolside dinner parties, and more.

Weatherproof Systems

Don't let South Florida's weather dampen your outdoor audiovisual experience. Consult our experts and enjoy the highest-grade commercially available equipment, designed to withstand changing conditions, without affecting its performance. Remember that our team is uniquely equipped to install and maintain your system, and will provide clear and precise guidance on best practices for your devices.

Outdoor Connectivity

Extend your network as much as you need, with comprehensive network solutions that cover a wider range of areas in your home. Transfer music, video, and other data efficiently and reliably to your outdoor areas and to any number of devices, for a smooth experience across all parts of your property.

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