Kordz is a long-standing innovator and manufacturer of HDMI and other audio-visual cables. Kordz’ extensive experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing is the foundation for building products with our long-established principles. These principles of design and engineering are to create products that are robust, offer high-quality sound and picture, high-bandwidth, tight bend radius, shallow mounting depth, and reliability. Kordz utilizes research and development facilities in both Australia and Taiwan, plus the dedication and experience of its people, to engineer and build robust and quality connectivity solutions.

Founded in 2003 when HDMI cables were emerging to be the key connectivity medium for audiovisual products, Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award-winning brand. Kordz is committed to a high standard of practical and graceful design, partnered with superior manufacturing, delivering quality products around the world.

Kordz – Connectivity. Assured