iPort Products are crafted to enable the integration of Apple products within your home and business alike. A team of engineers and designers created these products with the focus of generating opportunities for installers and users to improve the use of mobile technologies around the world. Products that connect technology and life in meaningful ways. From hotel rooms, corporate offices, yachts and aircraft; iPort products solve real business problems and enhance the home every day. They are obsessed with user experience, quality and design.




iPort’s products help businesses every day to provide unique and powerful solutions that get the most out of iPad. From custom labeling to product derivatives, their customization team has you covered.


The New Face of Home Automation


The use of iPad as a home technology controller has grown dramatically in recent years. This trend is due to ubiquitous support of Apple’s iOS devices by industry-leading control systems like Savant, Lutron, Crestron, RTI, Control 4 and more. Today, iPad is the central touch-point connecting a homeowner with the technology in their home. This touch point gives them the ability to control lights, shades, AV, security and more.


Hold. Charge. Protect. Integrate.


As the iPad’s influence has increased throughout the home some important concerns have been identified. First, there is no permanent holding place or home base for iPads sometimes making it difficult to locate one when you need to use it. Second, used often iPad batteries drain quickly. Lastly, iPads are not protected from the accidental slips and falls that happen in a busy household.


iPort’s suite of products are specifically designed to hold, charge, and protect the iPad so that it continues to be the center of your home’s AV ecosystem.