Technics EAH-TZ700 Premium Stereo Earphones


High Resolution I.E.M. (In Ear Monitor)

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Technics EAH-TZ700 Premium Stereo Earphones


A newly developed free-edge driver featuring an original diaphragm and magnetic fluid technology

The newly developed 10-mm driver uses a 5-micron-thick diaphragm made of a combination of a high-strength, special aluminium material that suppresses unwanted vibration and a supple free-edge material. The special aluminium material contributes to improved high-frequency sound reproduction, while the free-edge material lowers the lowest resonance frequency to achieve outstanding low-frequency sound reproduction. Furthermore, magnetic fluid is used in the voice coil section to maximise its characteristics to ensure high stroke accuracy of the supple-edge diaphragm and to provide a high damping effect, which were previously difficult to achieve. The result is the reproduction of sound over a wide frequency range with ultra-low distortion.


Super-wide and flat sound tuning (Air Control Precision Structure)

The coaxial design cylinder-type housing of the EAH-TZ700 maximises the potential of the driver. The proprietary Air Control Chamber inside the unit precisely controls the internal airflow and optimises the balance among frequency bandwidths. As a result, sound resolution improves and stunning sound space is created.


Become one with the music in comfort

High-precision design and premium materials provide excellent in-ear comfort as you enjoy the superb sound quality.


A housing design featuring different metal materials

The original housing construction features a combination of different metal materials for the purpose of improving both sound quality and strength. The port housing section where sound exits is made of lightweight high-strength titanium, which is a material used in aircraft and Precision Motion Driver. It holds the driver rigidly and suppresses unwanted vibration. The main housing body is made of magnesium diecast that boasts excellent vibration damping characteristics. The 3D shape ensures the most suitable angle of insertion in the ear and provides an optimal fit to realise exceptional comfort when worn.


Dedicated cables and ear pieces designed in pursuit of ideal audio quality

The EAH-TZ700 comes with two types of cables: balanced and unbalanced. The user can choose the one to suit his/her preference or connection environment. The general-purpose MMCX connector used for the connection to the main unit provides extra recabling versatility. The ear pieces are important parts that also affect the sound quality. In addition to the normal type and round type, oval-shape ear pieces with excellent sound insulation are provided. What’s more, each ear piece type comes in four different sizes. So, every user can enjoy a high-quality music experience with optimal comfort.


Looks as impressive as the music sounds

Every finely crafted detail in the beautifully sophisticated design adds a visual dimension to your listening enjoyment.


Design achieving both quality and functionality


The EAH-TZ700’s compact magnesium housing features a graphite black finish, which is a Technics hallmark. The MMCX connector terminal on the main unit is knurled and gold-plated. Technics designs every part without any compromise in quality, as if creating high-quality jewelry.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in
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