Ortofon MC Quintet Blue Cartridge


Ortofon cartridges are an excellent combination to Technics turntables.  With an Ortofon cartridge you instantly hear the improvement: music you’ve heard many times takes on new dimensions.

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Ortofon MC Quintet Blue Turntable Cartridge (nude elliptical diamond)


The Quintet Blue is a very homogeneous cartridge. The Quintet Blue’s sound image will tend to more smooth reproduction compared to Quintet Red and moderate dynamic strength compared to Quintet Bronze. It features a Nude Elliptical diamond mounted on an aluminum cantilever.
The Quintet Blue will bring more space, depth, and detail into the sound and is a very good choice for any kind of music, especially rhythmic.

Limited quantities available. Please contact us via the form below to order or to schedule a listening session at our showroom.

Weight 1 lbs
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